Welcome to Shipping Union

Welcome to BSc International Shipping and Trade at Copenhagen Business School!

In the next three years, you will go through an amazing journey that will take you through the classic CBS-life, an exchange semester at either Texas A&M Galveston or Singapore Management University and then end up in a 9-month internship at a shipping company. This format is the first of its kind at CBS!

This webpage will be updated with more information as we get closer to the semester start in Fall 2016. As of now, follow our Batch 1 in their exchange journey at Singapore Management University at our official Facebook Page (and don't forget to throw a Like!)

Here is a snapshot from our Cabin Trip last year - we guarantee it will be at least as fun this year!

The story of Shipping Union...

Shipping Union was founded in December 2014 after several weeks of planning, discussing and brain-storming. Were there a need for a student union for a class that only had 23 students? Indeed there was, because from September 2015, the class will be expanded to in total 100 students.

We work to create a better bond between students at the BSc International Shipping and Trade from different batches. But we don't stop here. Since day 1, we have been taught that shipping is a networking business and we are therefore expanding. Students with maritime electives in their MSc programtestme at CBS as well as trainees from shipping companies are eligible for a membership - which we believe that will be valuable in the future, when we all are out working in the industry.

So far, we have hosted several social events at the BSc programme. We will also have guest lectures exclusive for members of Shipping Union CBS in a wide range of topics. As an example, we had Maersk Broker giving a guest lecture in April 2015. And as of September 2015, we strive to have entered a team in the DBU-football league, representing Shipping Union CBS.

We are a 100 % student-driven organization - and we need your help to continue providing the Shipping-classes with a wide variety of events. Join us and be a part of a fantastic team, everyone is welcome!



Our Team

Meet our team member

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

President and Co-founder

Kevin Chen is 20 years old and the president of Shipping Union. Along with the role as the front-man of the student union, he is also active in the Study Board of BSc International Shipping and Trade. As a passionate golfer, you can certainly find him on the golf course.


Rasmus Fosgaard Olsen

Rasmus Fosgaard Olsen

Vice President and Co-founder


Rasmus Fosgaard Olsen is 22 years old and the Vice President of Shipping Union. Rasmus also hold a position in the Activity Pool at CBS Students and work as a student assistant in Thorco Shipping.

Philip Højlund

Philip Højlund

External affairs 

Philip Højlund is 23 years old and the substitute in the board as well as Head of External Affairs. He hold a position as student assistant in Prodii while not studying hard for the exams.


Nicolai Delpierre

Nicolai Delpierre

Vice-President and Co-Founder

Nicolai Delpierre is 21 years old and the Vice-President alongside Rasmus Fosgaard Olsen. He recently started working as a student assistant in Maersk Drilling, and instantly got promoted to Captain of their football team.


Members Testimonial

Shipping Union CBS is a great organization that can help you gain knowledge about the maritime world while having fun with the other members. An example of this and my personal favorite was the academic event hosted by Maersk Broker who spoke about Ship Brokering. It was professional, inspiring and most importantly it was relevant. I’m already looking forward to the next event!

Mads Eghammer

Mads Eghammer

Being a member of Shipping Union CBS is recommendable – you get to expand your network and at the same time get a lot of unique experiences with your fellow students and future colleagues. It’s a no-brainer, join!

Philip Snedker

Philip Snedker

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