Shipping Union was founded in 2015 at Copenhagen Business School, and it is a 100% non-profit organization. Shipping Union works to establish strong and lasting relationships between all students linked with shipping as well as building bridges between the industry and students. 

Educational Network
Socially the aim is to create a stronger bond between students from all batches at the BSc International Shipping and Trade program. This is accomplished by hosting several continous events where all students across batches will have the opportunity to expand their network while having fun. Students with maritime electives in their MSc program as well as trainees from shipping companies are also occasionally eligible to join. We believe that this social aspect of the program will improve the relationships between students – making them more than just fellow students and thereby provide a breeding ground for a valuable and lasting network for the future.

Professional Network
Professionally the aim is to create a stronger connection between the BSc International Shipping and Trade program and the industry. This is obtained by arranging several continous events with a broad variety of corporations linked with shipping. This can be everything from a port visit observing a ship loading to a consultants company visit getting insight in their everyday work with shipping. We believe that by having a high level of involvement between students and the many different industries concerning shipping, we will provide great insight sharpening the students interest in their studies as well as their ambition of working within the industry. Furthermore, the companies will have the opportunity to meet the future talent of the industry which will be a special opportunity for both sides to create a valuable network for the future.